Paula Pedrosa Ceramics

So excited to see how this will turn out! I love this glaze.
I made coils irregularly shaped.. They were not uniform throughout. I wanted lumps and bumps for a warped looking tiny vase. It’ll fit a single flour and I got inspiration from an amazing artist named Judi Tavill.

This is what the little wheel thrown porcelain bowl came out like! Once again… I used copper adventurine and stormy blue— my “geode” experiment.
Little soap dish I made. Final bathroom piece. This was made from a slab out of red clay. I usually smooth things out and refine them with a paint brush instead of a wooden tool or something. The hole on the bottom is for drainage.. On the bottom of the piece I made a little path for the water to escape hence the small piece of paper folded under there. I put it there to hold it into place.

Can’t wait to see how these turn out. Hopefully I didn’t put the copper adventurine on too thick!

Made these two little cups for my bathroom as well to put things like qtips and cotton balls in. Red clay and slab again!

Experimenting with this technique. Never did this diagonal thing before. Can’t wait to see how this one will turn out!!!
Hard to tell because they’re just about the same color when applied, but I put peacock on the inside and below the iron saturate line.

Test tiles: iron saturate on left, peacock on right.

I love this little mug! Best handle I’ve ever made and yes, it was made from a slab. Red clay again. About 1/4 inch thick.

Used peacock glaze for the toothbrush holder and I can’t wait to see how it looks! Supposed to look like the test tile.

Since the semester was coming at an end, I figured I would make useful things for my house! I took advantage of the clay and made myself some bathroom accessories :-)
This is a toothbrush holder that holds up to 3 toothbrushes (obviously..) I made it out of a slab which is currently my favorite method of making things. I prefer hand building for the most part. Red clay.